Quotes about Ralph Grierson

"...I can't think of a soloist that I would rather hear play 'Rhapsody in Blue'.  His performance is cool, clean, stylist, rhythmically astute."
    Mark Swed, Los Angeles Times   Dec. 31, 1999
    Reviewing the Fantasia 2000 soundtrack album

“Ralph Grierson contributed a superb version of the harpsichord part: ...achieving that rare fusion of both natural-sounding musicality and fidelity to the rhythmically flexible conventions of correct Baroque performing style.”
    John Rockwell, Los Angeles Times
    Bach’s “A Minor Concerto for Flute, Violin and Harpsichord”

“Michael Tilson Thomas and Ralph Grierson played it with incredible vivacity and precision... they deserved their standing ovation.”
    Martin Bernheimer, Los Angeles Times
    Review of Stravinsky’s “The Rite of Spring”

“Ralph Grierson provided the highlight of the evening with an outstanding performance of Gershwin’s Piano Concerto in F and with strong technique, fine sense of phrasing, he brings out the emotional quality of Gershwin... Grierson and his considerable talent deserves an encore showing.”
    Joseph Thesken, San Diego Tribune
    Performance with the San Diego Symphony Orchestra

“Grierson’s performance fairly exploded on stage.  He provided the most brilliant bravura.”
    Donna Perlmutter, Herald Examiner
    Premiere of Liquid Strata by Morton Subotnick
“Ralph Grierson has chops on keyboards... pure musical virtuosity, combined magically with instinct and feel to produce the perfect sound for the situation.”
    Richard J. Pietschmann, Sound and Music
    “Session Men: The Great Unsung Heroes of Pop”

“... its internal logic, and the imagination and musicianship behind it, lend the composer credibility as a master of experimental music.”                                
    Jim Aiken & Bob Doerschuk, Keyboard Magazine
    “Ralph Grierson”   Soundpage